BBC sacks veteran DJ after 32 years for playing,

 ''I Am A Nigger Hating White-Trash Bastard!"

I bought some nigger brown shoe Polish today and asked for it by name.
Neither the brown gentleman or the Pole, in the shop, at the time, were

Just waiting for a SWAT team of bearded transvestites to raid my property.

Don't let the
British Bullshit Cartel get us at it! "Race Baiting"

The 'Hegelian dialectic' 'problem reaction solution' 'false flag' etc., etc.,.
Self inflicted harm blamed on others for your own ends. Gulf of Tonkin,
Pearl Harbor, Oklahoma Bombing, Twin Towers, Building7, Pentagon(9/11)
London Bus Bombing(7/7) and on and on......All financially lucrative for big
government and world bankers. This way, the war on terrorism never ends.

And incrementally, us 'dumb fucks' have our rights, liberty and freedom taken.